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Welcome to the unique word counter tool, your ultimate resource for analyzing distinct word usage in any text. This tool provides detailed insights to enhance your writing, which is perfect for writers, editors, students, and professionals.


Unique Word Counter Tool

Unique Words: 0
Words: 0
Syllables per Word: 0
Short Words (<=3 chars): 0
Long Words (>=7 chars): 0
Average Word Length (chars): 0
Sentences: 0
Lines: 0
Characters with Spaces: 0
Characters without Spaces: 0
Paragraphs: 0
Spaces: 0
Letters: 0
Alpha Characters: 0
Alphanumeric Characters: 0
Numeric Characters: 0
Syllables: 0
Average Sentence Length (words): 0
Reading Time: 0 min
Speaking Time: 0 min

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Discover the Best Unique Word Counter Online

Need to find out how many unique words are in your document? Our unique word counter online tool is designed to be fast, accurate, and easy to use, offering a thorough analysis of your text.

Key Features

  • Unique Word Count: Instantly see your text’s total number of distinct words.
  • Total Word Count: Know the exact number of words in your document.
  • Sentence Count: Get a count of sentences to understand the structure and complexity of your text.
  • Line Count: Check the number of lines quickly and efficiently.
  • Character Count (with and without spaces): Track every character, including spaces, for precise text analysis.
  • Paragraph Count: View the number of paragraphs for a clear text overview.
  • Spaces Count: Find out the number of spaces used in your document.
  • Letters and Alphanumeric Characters: Analyze the count of letters and alphanumeric characters.
  • Numeric Characters: Identify the number of numerical digits in your text.
  • Syllable Count: Counting syllables to understand rhythm is perfect for poetry and detailed text analysis.
  • Short and Long Words: Determine the number of short (≤3 chars) and extended (≥7 chars) words.
  • Average Word and Sentence Length: Calculate the average length for better readability.
  • Reading and Speaking Time Estimates: Plan your presentations or practice sessions with accurate time estimates.

Simple Steps to Use

  1. Input Your Text: Type or paste your text into the provided box.
  2. View Instant Results: The tool automatically calculates and displays various text metrics.
  3. Enhance Your Writing: Use detailed insights to improve and refine your text.

Why Choose Our Unique Word Counter Online?

Our tool is not just a word counter; it’s a comprehensive text analysis solution. It provides a detailed and actionable data set, all presented in an easy-to-use interface. Whether you’re drafting an article, editing a report, or preparing a speech, our Unique Word Counter Tool is here to help you analyze and improve your text efficiently.

Try it now and experience the benefits of using our unique word counter tool!