Facebook Character Counter: Maximize Your Facebook Impact

Crafting the perfect Facebook post, comment, or ad can sometimes feel like a daunting task, especially when you’re trying to keep an eye on character limits to maximize engagement. That’s where our Facebook Character Counter tool comes into play! This handy tool ensures you stay within the optimal length for any type of content you’re creating on Facebook, whether it’s a detailed post, a catchy ad headline, or just the right bio.

Characters Typed: 0 / 63206
Characters Remaining: 63206
Facebook Post: 0 / 63206
Comment: 0 / 8000
Hashtags: 0 / 30
Bio: 0 / 101
User Name: 0 / 50
Profile Name: 0 / 50
Page Description: 0 / 155
Ad Headline: 0 / 25
Ad Body Text: 0 / 90

Words: 0
Letters: 0
Speaking Time: 0 min
Reading Time: 0 min
Syllables per Word: 0
Paragraphs: 0
Characters with Spaces: 0
Characters without Spaces: 0
Sentences: 0
Spaces: 0
Lines: 0
Unique Words: 0
Alpha Chars: 0
Alnum Chars: 0
Number Chars: 0
Syllables: 0
Short Words: 0
Long Words: 0
Average Word Length: 0
Average Sentence Length: 0

Easy to Use, Right When You Need It

Just type or paste your text into the spacious text area provided and watch as our tool instantly calculates not just the characters you’ve typed, but also how many you have left. This feature is perfect for keeping track of limits without constantly second-guessing yourself.

More Than Just Characters

Our tool doesn’t stop at character counts! It gives you a comprehensive overview of your text, including word count, letter count, paragraph count, and even the number of syllables per word. Planning a speech or figuring out reading time? We’ve got you covered with our speaking and reading time estimators.

Tailored for Every Aspect of Facebook

  • Posts: Up to 63,206 characters to narrate your story.
  • Comments: Keep it concise with up to 8,000 characters.
  • Hashtags: Perfect your tag strategy with up to 30 hashtags.
  • Bios: Make a first impression with up to 101 characters.
  • Usernames and Profiles: Choose wisely with a 50-character limit.
  • Page Descriptions and Ads: Craft compelling descriptions and ads within set limits to capture attention effectively.

Designed for Precision and Ease

The clear, user-friendly interface ensures that every metric is right at your fingertips, displayed in easily digestible, neatly organized digital counters. Whether you’re aiming to optimize your personal profile or manage a bustling business page, this tool helps ensure your text aligns perfectly with Facebook’s standards and your own quality benchmarks.

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Always Ready to Assist

Whether you’re crafting your next viral post or setting up a targeted ad campaign, our Facebook Character Counter tool is your go-to for making every character count. Dive in, start typing, and leave the counting to us — optimize your Facebook presence with unmatched precision and ease!