Case Studies

Take a look at what RCE Coach users are doing. These case studies explore evaluation challenges that educators or district staff faced and the solutions they discovered while using the Coach.

Welcome to the RCE for Ed Tech

Welcome aboard! This set of tools will provide an overview of the Ed Tech RCE Coach and help you get started.

Things to Consider

The “Things to Consider” infographics will guide you through important considerations as you design your evaluation and interpret the results.
  • How to design a successful pilot

    It’s common practice to rollout a new technology to all students as quickly as possible. But what if you could learn how likely a new technology was to work at your school, in your district, or in your unique setting before you rolled it out at scale? Here are somethings to think about to help you get the data needed to make evidence-based decisions.
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  • Using a Comparison Group

    When we are interested in understanding how outcomes changed as a result of using an educational technology, we may wonder why we can’t just look at growth over the course of the year for the individuals who used the technology.
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  • Choosing a Good Comparison Group

    One way to test whether an educational technology is moving the needle is to conduct a matched comparison design evaluation. This method matches technology users to similar nonusers and then compares the differences in outcomes between the two groups. Here are some things to think about when selecting two similar groups.
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  • Limitations on the Type of Question You Can Answer

    It is common for your context to limit the type of questions you can ask when conducting an evaluation. It is important to think about those limitations before crafting a research question to make sure your evaluation is based on a question you can actually answer.
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  • Interpreting Your Results

    When you test your technology, your data will reflect the observed outcomes for the students or teachers who used the technology. But those values are only some of the possible outcomes. In order to know the true effect of the technology you would need to test it with all students everywhere. But that’s not possible, so your results will reflect some uncertainty about the technology’s effectiveness.
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Training Resources

If you’re considering hosting a training on the RCE Coach for your colleagues, this set of tools offers a pre-prepared presentation, workshop materials, and data and scenarios for practice evaluations.

Technical Appendices

The technical appendices will provide you more detailed information on the methods and statistics that the Coach uses.